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Dravya provides all about mobile apps running on the mobile devices that people have come to love. iPhones, iPads, Android powered phones & tablets and Google Glass. Are you ready to connect with them on their terms? If you don’t, someone else will.

Every day you see it happening. People are reaching for their mobile phones and tablets as their “go-to” devices when they want information instantly. In fact, 31% of mobile users don’t have access to desktops or laptops. They rely on mobile devices exclusively.

If you seek to reach this ever-widening target, mobile needs to be a core part of your strategy. It’s time to go mobile. Let’s Get Moving.


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Who We Are


Dravya has been making a big difference in the website design and development business. We do hosting, branding, website design, software development, search engine marketing, and a lot more.

Our team of professionals is always ready to take on any task that would help boost every kind of business’s stature in the wide world of web.


  • Dravya understands the significance of competition in every business venture. That’s mainly because the company is subjected to it itself.

  • Dravya never stops improving. We never stop thinking out fresh new ideas that could get our client’s goal across.

  • It helps a lot that Dravya is run by open-minded individuals who are amicable to change. The rate of our performance in delivering the results that our clients wanted and needed has so much to do with our willingness to revolutionize even our own concepts whenever it needs be.

  • Dravya works closely with its clients. That’s how we know and understand their needs and wants. We have the perfect tools and the most creative team to implement your ideas and even give you a sight of some that have not crossed your mind yet. Simply put, Dravya has the best solutions to make your business work for you!

Why Choose Us

 What is Our Speciality?

One is our credibility. We have been in this industry for more than a year now and we are shaping up to be the best service provider online and even offline. Our stable of satisfied customers can speak for us. We work towards the ultimate goal of each and every business, making them a name to reckon in this highly competitive world.

 How long we are working?

Second is our creativity. Dravya authored some of the brightest ideas ever known. Our minds are working 24/7 and are constantly embracing change as it unfolds. You can be sure that when an update in Internet technology is available, we will implement it to your business’s advantage.

 Are we reliable?

Third is our reliability. We are staffed with competent professionals who certainly know what they are doing. We know what we should do and are good at what we do. You can rely on our efficiency to translate your business goals into reality.